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The activity time:2018-04-16

         Automobile industry manufacturers use gauges to control the part sizes (such as aperture, space size, etc.) to improve production efficiency and control quality, it’s suitable for mass production, such as automotive parts.With the rapid development of the downstream market for domestic automobile and machinery manufacturing, the investment layout of China's automobile checking fixture manufacturing industry has shown an upward trend, and the industry's production capacity growth is more obvious.

        In recent years, the rapid development of China's auto industry, machinery manufacturing and hardware accessories industry has driven the scale of China's auto checking fixture market to expand. The auto checking fixture industry has introduced domestic advanced production technology and internally digested. The continuous improvement of the technical level has provided a strong guarantee for the rapid development of the automotive checking fixture industry.

         At present, the price of China's auto checking fixture industry is directly affected by the price of upstream raw materials. The cost of the checking fixture is mainly composed of material cost, labor cost and manufacturing cost. Raw materials mainly include: steel, plastics and electronic accessories.

          There is a story: a famous private car manufacturer in China does not need car checking fixture. On one occasion, a plastic parts supplier arbitrarily changed a small part of the design. As a result, the final assembly of the vehicle did not match, resulting in a shutdown of the entire assembly line and a heavy loss. “The car inspection tool is a ‘referee’, providing third-party certification for component companies and auto OEMs.”

          If a car door need to install ,but there is no car checking fixture, if have unmatch or the installation hole is wrong, the master will install the hole by the experience, knock on the door and install the door; When they have the car checking fixture, The door is placed on the professional car inspection tool to rectify the non-conformity, which can meet the same requirements as the designer. "The car inspection tool is a standard."

           Fidelity inspection fixture manufacture Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing the precision inspection fixture for auto components. With advanced inspection fixture manufacturing equipments which imported from Japan and Taiwan, make sure the checking fixture precision can meet customer’s requiremnts.

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