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Gauge is the protector of car quality

The activity time:2018-04-11

In order to build the determination of China's automobile brand, quality is especially important, and checking fixture are indispensable testing tools for quality control. Therefore, in the automotive industry, checking fixture have opened up its glory life.

“The premise of good design is to have the correct checkin fixture ,it’s always been regarded as the protection of the car quality” .In an exclusive interview with the reporter of China Auto News, Liao Dazhao, an engineer at the Measurement Technology Center of FAW-Volkswagen has more than 40 years experience in the inspection industry, pointed out that in order to realize the dream of manufacturing a car in China, car checking fixture are indispensable testing equipment and tools for assembly and production of automobile parts and vehicles.

Liao Dazhao said that the car checking fixture is a general term for special measurement tools for automotive product inspection. It measures and provides measurement data through various measurement methods to determine the functional size of automotive parts, the overlap and matching accuracy of automotive components. It is equivalent to a third-party certification tool for auto parts companies and OEMs.

Controlling the accuracy of the auto parts through the checking fixture can eliminate the matching and overlapping problems that may exist in the debugging stage of the product components, improve the structural performance and appearance performance of the parts. Currently, the parts with complex shapes and high importance in product development are almost all need to developchecking fixture, which is also a manifestation of the performance of automotive intelligent manufacturing." Liao Dazhao explained that the rapid development of modern industry, the efficiency of the production line of automotive production continues to improve, now, on the vehicle assembly line, an average of 8 minutes Install a complete vehicle. A car has thousands of parts. If one or two of the parts have problems, it is likely to cause the entire vehicle to fail. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that every component is fully compliant at the beginning of the pipeline, and that a checking fixture is required.

Jiang Yan, a technical center expert of Dongfeng Shenlong Automobile also believes that the auto parts are compared using checking fixture in the whole vehicle installation process . After passing the test, the part enter the next production link, ensuring that the entire assembly line smooth and parts Exact match .

“Especially after the introduction of checking fixture, it can help achieve mass production of standardized parts, greatly improve production efficiency, and significantly reduce the cost of automobile production, and really play a role in reducing costs and increasing efficiency.” Jiang Yan explained that the automation of automobile production process is very High, the precision of the parts and the consistency of the requirements are extremely high; usually the body part of a car consists of more than 3,000 pieces of sheet metal structural parts and more than 500 pieces of interior and exterior parts, plus the automation of the welding of the car body The high degree and complex shape require the accuracy of the parts to be quite high, and any size error will cause the entire automobile production line to be paralyzed. Therefore, the checking fixture has become an indispensable testing equipment and tool for automobile parts and assembly lines.

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