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How to ensure the checking fixture meet standard?

The activity time:2018-06-23

The checking fixture is developed according to the car model requirements. It is mainly used to measure and adjust the precision of the mold during the production preparation stage. Daily control the parts size after mass production.

The main body of the checking fixture including the base plate (datum face), the body surface and the mounting portion. Generally, the base and the vehicle body surface are made of epoxy resin or aluminum.
Since the mold body mounting portion is required to withstand the turning force of the mounting strength of 12 N·m (122 kgf·cm) or more. Therefore, when the material of the main body is made of a resin material, it is necessary to use a metal member or the like to form a lamp mounting portion to prevent the lamp detached and swirled during loading and unloading.

The manufacture of automobile checking fixture is generally divided into aluminum parts, iron parts or resins. In consideration of the usual maintenance and service life, we should carry out maintenance on a regular basis. Sometimes need to do surface treatment, such as spraying.

Automobile checking fxiture design :

(1) operating space

(2) portability

(3) use part of body parts to reflect reproducibility

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