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HYF customized CF for Air conditioning pipe

  • Model:FIFM000236
  • Species:855*630*396
  • Use: Air conditioning pipe check
  • proposed price :FIFM
HYF is mainly engaged in large-scale precision injection molds and related precision injection molding products. It has cooperated with our company for 8.5 years. The cooperation products include front bumper, central grille, instrument panel, fog light grille, deflector, left front door frame and rear door. Left window frame trim, etc., has produced more than 100 sets of checking fixture, the main serviced car factory is BYD, FAW Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen Chongqing Johnson, etc. 

Customer evaluation: Fixture design can be adjusted according to our recommendations, service is good, delivery is on time, (especially for foreign customers to submit projects to them) is a reliable partner.
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