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Technical service

technical service

A.Checking fixture design process:

1. Pre-quote should pay attention to the feasibility evaluation of the inspection scheme

2. Start the project startup meeting in the early stage of design

3. Design according to customer drawings and customer standards, and understand customer requirements.

4. After the design is completed, carry out internal audit to check all details and confirm whether the customer's requirements or standards have been met

5. Provide solutions to customers for confirmation

6. After the customer has confirmed the design scheme, the internal review (processing technology, measurement, evaluation delivery date) shall be started.

7.2D drawing plotting (converted from 3D model to processed drawing)

8. Drawing review

9. Send the drawings to the production department and work according to the drawings until the checking fixture finished.

B.CMM measurement

1. Understand the contents of the inspection drawing file and arrange the corresponding procedures.

2. Review the drawing: check the structure of 3D parts and make a reasonable debugging plan

3. Checking: compare the number of parts in 3D

4. Debugging: establish 2-dimensional measuring coordinate system according to the number of datum holes, and then start debugging

5. Retest: after debugging, arrange another operator to retest to ensure accuracy and issue test report.

6. Off the machine: after the accuracy is confirmed to be qualified, all parts and checking fixture shall be handed over to the next procedure.

C. Precautions for use of checking fixture

Before use: the checking fixture must be placed under stable temperature, humidity and dustless environment for product testing. Before starting the inspection, the operator shall visually inspect the checking fixture to determine whether the checking fixture is available. (for example, whether the positioning of each component is reliable and whether there is any damage to each functional component)

After use: after each use, the datum pin of the checking fixture should be coated with anti-rust oil. Put the gauge in the specified place and cover the dustproof cover. Prevent other heavy objects from colliding and squeezing, so as not to affect the precision of checking fixture . Do not disassemble the checking fixture without permission, which will seriously affect the precision of the checking fixture.

Calibration: fixture is a tool which is used to detect the parts, its precision  is very important, should be calibrated once a year, normally by internal or external detection to ensure the fixture accuracy is normal and can be put into use.

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