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Our advantages

Our advantages

  • Ability to design

    A number of industries, senior engineer, customer demand for products and concepts into real products, the early function and the feasibility of the technology assessment carefully, let the customer can get a desired product.

  • Business ability

    Domestic and international businessman, familiar with factory operation process and quality requirements, from the customer's inquiry to the delivery of products, follow-up and timely return to the customer a variety of information, let the customer more worry.

  • Manufacturing capacity

    The main production equipment refers to the processing center produced in Taiwan, which provides a strong quality guarantee for the production process. The processing of each part can only flow to the next link after the inspection is qualified.

  • The quality control

    Set up the whole staff quality control awareness, multiple inspection, to ensure the delivery rate of 100%

  • After-sales service

    Timely respond to any information received from the customer, and assist the customer to deal with the problem of customer feedback when needed.

  • The customer approval

    Our cost performance can be recognized by the customers, many old customers to introduce new customers is the best proof.

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